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I have learned a few things in my lifetime musical journey.  I have learned that music is truly the language, other than math,
that can reach everyone.

"What comes from the heart, reaches the heart".

This is a statement that my mother, early on, explained to me.  It is also a statement that I have taken to heart with every
song I sing or I write.

I remember trying to mimic Jennifer Holiday singing "And I Am Telling You" .  When my mom, who was ear hustling at the time, began to chastise me for trying to be Jennifer Holiday and sing the song exactly as Jennifer Holiday did.  She told me "if you can't feel a song, you can't sing that song."

What she meant was, pantomiming someone or just regurgitating words in a certain key, does not a singer make.

The marking of a true singer is someone that can make the hairs on your arms stand up at attention. Better yet, someone that can lift you up, carry you to a place you've never been before and never physically touch you.

This is a statement that has stuck with me over the years and after looking at pictures of myself, mid song, I apparently learned this lesson all too well.

With pain on my face, eyes closed and mouth wide open, raring back as if to scream to the heavens, I am pouring heart and soul into whatever song I'm singing.

What comes from the heart reaches the heart, and I truly hope my music reaches the heart of others.

Barbria DeÁnne is a born entertainer. As a child, she was surrounded by a harmonious family; all of whom were gifted in their own right, and made beautiful music together.

A vocalist nearly all of her life, Barbria began singing at the ripe young age of three with her three older sisters, the quartet calling themselves The Haynes Sisters. That musical chord runs consistently throughout the family, as Barbria's earliest and strongest influences was her mother, Barbara Darleen Grant-Haynes whose songwriting talents were produced by Sam Cooke and was the first single released on his label, SAR Records {1960, He Cares - The Soul Stirrers featuring Johnny Taylor}, her father, James L. Haynes who was a member of the singing group "The Optimistic Quartet," Earma Jean Grant-Thompson; a cousin and Queen of Classic Jazz Piano who played with such artists as Billie Holiday, Duke Ellington; Marshall Thompson; a cousin and Grammy award winning singer with the Chi-Lites, and Tony Haynes; a cousin and Grammy award winning Songwriter and Poet.

In search of the training that would enable her to artfully develop, and take full command of her vocal abilities, she sang Gospel music in the church and later branched out and began studying classical music. After studying classical music Barbria began studying the classics which included Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald and her all time favorite Aretha Franklin.

Barbria began at a very early age building the foundation of what has now become a promising solo career. Throughout her career Barbria has performed with such industry giants as Earth, Wind and Fire, R. Kelly, The Late Ray Charles, Mike Phillips, Karen Briggs, Dorothy Donegan, Enchantment, Comedians; Bill Cosby, The Late Bernie Mac and numerous others.

Currently, Barbria continues to build on her strong foundation. As a graduate of the Art Institute of Atlanta and a degree in Music Entertainment Management under her belt. Barbria takes her knowledge of the Music industry and applies them to her daily dealings with her own company where she is Chief Executive Officer of Barbi-Tone Entertainment. In addition to working on her company , she also finds the time to perform consistently and reach out to fans around the world. Barbria DeÁnne maintains that she has not yet discovered what it is she can not do, and with the release of her new single (If I Could Write A Letter To Heaven) Barbria is soaring to new heights.

Barbria DeÁnne has combined her God given talents to create a talented individual who is a triple threat. Barbria has a goal, she is focused, determined and is a talent whom the world deserves to hear. Keep an eager ear out for this treasure for her talents are truly platinum.